New Mexico Nature Photos


If you enjoy New Mexico's wild plants and animals but aren't sure what you're looking at, my photos may be helpful. Click on a photo or link to see more. To find out what I'm doing and why, click here.


I'm not a biologist and neither are most of you, so many of my groupings will be informal ones—all the blue to purple flowers together, for example. However, I'll also provide some formal taxonomy. If you're an expert and see something I've misidentified, please contact me via my "Contact" page, which is tabbed at the top.


Insects including butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, etc., and so far just one example of the other arthropods.

Reptiles and amphibians

Mammals, except for...

Sky, clouds, Continental Divide Trail, New Mexico


Who wouldn't want to hike under skies like this one? I took the photo near the Continental Divide Trail, on the road from Silver City to Lordsburg, on May 9, 2018. If you like clouds and sunsets and similar scenes, in August of that year I started a page dedicated to such pictures. You can reach the page by clicking on the photo.

Rio Grande, Sandia Mountains, Corrales, Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Rio Grande, with the Sandia Mountains in the distance. Photo by Wiyo.