A few New Mexico birds

Greater Roadrunner, Geococcyx californianus, Albuquerque, New Mexico
A roadrunner on a fence in Albuquerque


I'm not a birder so I don't have a comprehensive series of pictures to share. Instead I manage snapshots during chance encounters. In July 2020 I began reorganizing my bird pictures, and eventually you'll be able to search those pictures two different ways. You'll be able to start your search by taxonomic order, using this page. Or you can scroll down and search for birds using broad descriptive categories.


You may notice many urban bird photos from 2020. That's because during the Covid-19 pandemic, I was mostly at home and my main form of exercise was walking. I quickly learned how many bird species I could find within the city limits.


Birders, please feel free to correct my identifications, via the "Contact" tab at the top of each page.