New Mexico plants (especially wildflowers)

Western Wallflower, Sandia Mountain, Cibola National Forest, New Mexico
Western Wallflowers, Sandia Mountains, July 2017


New Mexico has more than 3,000 species of wildflowers. On this web site you'll find some of the more common ones, especially those in and near Albuquerque. As of the summer of 2020, I started adding trees, nonflowering plants, and fungi; you'll find the links for those at the bottom of the page.


You have two ways to locate plants. You can search by family name, or you can scroll down and search by flower color or other general category. Please don't place too much faith in the color groupings. The Western Wallflowers at the top of the page are a good example of why you shouldn't. At higher elevations they tend to be orange-red, but at lower elevations they're canary yellow. Besides, your pink may be my lavender. If you don't find the flower you're looking for under one color group, try searching under another.


Please don't take my IDs as authoritative. These pages of nature photos represent one person's voyage of discovery, not the studies of a trained expert. If you see something I've misidentified, please contact me via my "Contact" page, which is tabbed at the top.