New Mexico Wildflowers: Red to Pink


Your pink may be my lavender! If so, the flower you're looking on may be shown on a different page. Also, I may put a flower on this page even if the touches of red or pink are modest ones.


Flowers are shown in alphabetical order by English family name, genus, and species. Click on a link to obtain additional photos of a species, plus comments. Those additional pages are bandwidth-intensive and best used with a high speed connection.


Please don't take my IDs as authoritative. These pages of nature photos represent one person's voyage of discovery, not the studies of a trained expert. If you see something I've misidentified, please contact me via my "Contact" page, which is tabbed at the top.


Arrowgrass, Triglochin maritima, New Mexico

Arrowgrass Family, Arrowgrass, Triglochin maritima

Indian Blanketflower, Firewheel, Gaillardia, New Mexico

Aster Family, Blanketflower or Firewheel, Gaillardia sp.

Prairie Coneflower, Mexican Hat, Ratibida columnifera, New Mexico

Aster Family, Prairie Coneflower or Mexican Hat, Ratibida columnifera

Desert Willow, Chilopsis linearis, New Mexico

Bignonias Family, Trumpet Creeper, Campsis radicans

Desert Willow, Chilopsis linearis, New Mexico

Bignonias Family, Desert Willow, Chilopsis linearis (ranges from pink to purple)

Indian Paintbrush, Castilleja, New Mexico

Broomrape Family, Indian Paintbrush, Castilleja

Fernleaf Lousewort, Giant Louswort, Pedicularis procera, New Mexico

Broomrape Family, Fernleaf or Giant Louswort, Pedicularis procera

Pale Smartweed, Persicaria lapathifolia, New Mexico

Buckwheat Family, Pale Smartweed, Persicaria lapathifolia (can also be white)

Pennsylvania Smartweed, Pinkweed, Persicaria pensylvanica, New Mexico

Buckwheat Family, Pennsylvania Smartweed or Pinkweed, Persicaria pensylvanica (can also be white)

Canaigre, Dock, Rumex hymenosepalus, New Mexico

Buckwheat Family, Canaigre, Rumex hymenosepalus

Red Columbine, Aquilegia desertorum or elegantula, New Mexico

Buttercup Family, Red Columbine, Aquilegia desertorum or elegantula

Claret Cup Cactus, Echinocereus, New Mexico

Cactus Family, Claret Cup Cactus, Echinocereus

Cactus Family, Prickly Pear, Opuntia polycantha var. juniperina?

Dogbane, Apocynum, New Mexico

Dogbane Family, Dogbane, Apocynum

Fireweed, Chamerion angustifolium, New Mexico

Evening Primrose Family, Fireweed, Chamerion angustifolium (can be more purple)

Scarlet Gaura, Oenothera suffrutescens, Gaura coccinea, New Mexico

Evening Primrose Family, Scarlet Gaura, Oenothera suffrutescens, New Mexico (can also be white)

Small-Flowered Gaura, Oenothera curtiflora, New Mexico

Evening Primrose Family, Linda Tarde or Small-Flowered Gaura, Oenothera curtiflora

Mountain Figwort, Scrophularia montana, New Mexico

Figwort Family, Mountain Figwort, Scrophularia montana

Creeping Spiderling, Boerhavia torreyana, New Mexico

Four O'Clock Family, Creeping Spiderling, Boerhavia torreyana

Pinesaps, Monotropa hypopitys, New Mexico

Heath Family, Pinesaps, Monotropa hypopitys

Snowberry, Symphoricarpos rotundifolius, New Mexico

Honeysuckle Family, Snowberry, Symphoricarpos rotundifolius (sometimes white)

Globemallow, Sphaeralcea, New Mexico

Mallow Family, Globemallow, Sphaeralcea (usually orange)

 Field Bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis, New Mexico

Morning Glory Family, Field Bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis (can also be all-white or more lavender)

Trans-Pecos Morning Glory, Ipomoea cristulata, New Mexico

Morning Glory Family, Trans-Pecos Morning Glory, Ipomoea cristulata

Western Wallflower, Erysimum capitatum, New Mexico

Mustard Family, Western Wallflower, Erysimum capitatum

Striped Coralroot Orchid, Corallorhiza striata, New Mexico

Orchid Family, Striped Coralroot Orchid, Corallorhiza striata

Eastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis, New Mexico

Pea Family, Eastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis

New Mexico Locust, Robinia neomexicana, New Mexico

Pea Family, New Mexico Locust, Robinia neomexicana

Alkali Swainsonspea, Sphaerophysa salsula, New Mexico

Pea Family, Alkali Swainsonspea, Sphaerophysa salsula

Skyrockets, Rockets, Ipomopsis aggregata

Phlox Family, Skyrockets or Rockets, Ipomopsis aggregata

Scarlet Bugler, Beard-lip Penstemon, Penstemon barbatus, New Mexico

Plantain Family, Scarlet Bugler, Penstemon barbatus

Pineleaf Penstemon, Penstemon pinifolius, New Mexico

Plantain Family, Pineleaf Penstemon, Penstemon pinifolius

Long-headed poppy, Papaver dubium, New Mexico

Poppy Family, Long-Headed Poppy, Papaver dubium

Wood's Rose, Rosa woodsii, New Mexico

Rose Family, Wood's Rose, Rosa woodsii

Coralbells, Heuchera pulchella, New Mexico

Saxifrage Family, Coralbells, Heuchera pulchella

Sonoran Sandmat, Spurge, Euphorbia, Chamaesyce micromera, New Mexico

Spurge Family, Sonoran Sandmat, Euphorbia micromera

Prostrate Sandmat, Euphorbia prostrata, New Mexico

Spurge Family, Prostrate Sandmat, Euphorbia prostrata

Oregon Boxleaf, Paxistima myrsinites, New Mexico

Staff Vine or Bittersweet Family, Mountain Lover or Oregon Boxleaf, Paxistima myrsinites (foliage shown)

Tamarisk, Salt Cedar, Tamarix, New Mexico

Tamarisk Family, Tamarisk or Salt Cedar, Tamarix

Devil's Claw, Proboscidea parviflora, New Mexico

Unicorn Plant Family, Devil's Claw, Proboscidea parviflora

Arizona Valerian, Valeriana arizonica, New Mexico

Valerian Family, Arizona Valerian, Valeriana arizonica