An open tarp shelter with the Dutchware continuous ridge line

On a different page I show how to create a storm-resistant, ground-hugging shelter using a DD tarp. For years, when I needed an open-sided awning for milder conditions, I winged it. No longer, thanks to Dutchware's continuous ridge line.


DD superlight tarp rigged as awning, using a Dutchware ridge line


The photo shows my DD Hammocks 3 x 3 tarp pulled over the Dutchware continuous ridge line, which I suspended between a pair of trees in Hyder Park near my home. The corners of the tarp are pulled out and secured using the four lines, tensioners, and pegs included with the DD tarp. The result: an airy shelter that several people could sit under, while out of the sunlight or a steady rain. This is like a setup you could use over a hammock, only closer to the ground.


Setting up the ridge line was a snap, thanks to the Dutch hook at one end of the line and the Wasp near the other. The Wasp, shown below, not only secures that end of the line, it makes it easy to adjust tension on the line. You can order the ridge line with prussik knot tensioners for the tarp, but I splurged and got the Tato tarp connectors instead. I also opted for a yellow line with a reflective strand, for low-light or no-light conditions. Tricked out like that the ridge line is one serious piece of ultralight bling, but having tried it I never want to go back to jury-rigging tarp awnings again. 


Dutchware wasp on ridge line