Wood Sorrel Family



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Violet Woodsorrel (Oxalis violaceae)

In New Mexico, several species of wood sorrel have violet-colored flowers and shamrock-like leaves. The ones found in the local mountains tend to be identified as Violet Woodsorrel.


I have similar-looking wood sorrel plants in my front yard, but the flowers lack the prominent white throats seen in the wild species. I suspect my front yard plants are Pink Wood Sorrel, Oxalis articulata, a garden plant that originated in South America. I bring this up (and have included a photo) in case you encounter a violet-colored wood sorrel in Albuquerque.


Yellow Wood Sorrel (Oxalis)

There are several species of yellow wood sorrel (or woodsorrel) in New Mexico; these pictures are probably of Oxalis stricta, Common Yellow Wood Sorrel. Look for a five-petaled yellow flower above leaves that are shamrock-like but much smaller and often partly folded.