New Mexico Wildflowers: Parsley Family



Flowers are organized alphabetically by genus and species. Hover over a photo series to control the images.

Fendler's Biscuitroot, Fendler's Spring Parsley (Cymopterus glomeratus)


Oshá, Porter's Lovage (Ligusticum porteri)

According to the plant list for the Sandia Mountains,  the very similar-looking Rocky Mountain hemlock-parsley (Conioselinum scopulorum) occurs in those mountains but is restricted to wet areas at springs and along streams.


Sweet Cicely (Osmorhiza)

Despite the shared common name, the local sweet cicely isn't the same as the Old World herb, Myrrhis odorata. Sweet cicely flowers are tiny and easily overlooked. One the flowers are gone, the seed clusters are distinctive; they always remind me of sets of helicopter blades. If you're lucky, as the summer runs out you'll see sweet cicely leaves turning purple.


Mountain Parsley (Pseudocymopterus montanus)

Bulbous Spring Parsley? (Vesper cf. bulbosus)