New Mexico Wildflowers: Mint Family



Flowers are organized alphabetically by genus and species. Hover over a photo series to control the images.

 New Mexico Giant Hyssop (Agastache pallidiflora)

The giant hyssop is in the mint family, so don't be surprised if the leaves remind you of mint. In the August 2017 photo you can also see examples of Geyer's Onion, which gets its own section on the Lily Family page.


Nettle-Leaf Giant Hyssop (Agastache urticifolia)


Bergamot, Bee Balm (Monarda fistulosa)

Bergamot, Bee Balm, Monarda fistulosa, New Mexico
Schoolhouse Mesa, Jemez Mountains, August 2014

Cutleaf or Lacy Germander (Teucrium laciniatum)


Chaste Tree, Lilac Chastetree (Vitex agnus-castus)

This Old World species has escaped into the wild, including in New Mexico. It gets its odd name from its supposed ability to reduce a person's sexual drive.