Being Careful in the Bosque

Rio Grande Bosque, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Although the Rio Grande Bosque is not a wilderness area, using the trails involves stepping away from your usual comforts and safeguards. Please consider taking along a hat, other outdoor clothing depending on the weather, a first aid kit, something to drink, and a lunch or snack. Be prepared for the following minor and major hazards. 


Horseback riding is common. Because horses can spook and buck, step well out of the way of oncoming or overtaking horses. Wait quietly for the riders to pass.


Mountain bikers come around brushy corners with little warning, and most assume that you’ll get out of their way. 


In wet weather, the mud can be sticky and slippery. A good time to use a hiking pole.


The river has been known to drown the careless. Don’t wade into the water. Avoid standing on the edges of riverbanks that may be undercut by the river. 


The Bosque’s animal residents include rattlesnakes and coyotes, so watch where you’re going.


Crime is uncommon in the Bosque, but it happens. Most of the time you’ll be out of sight of other people, possibly in or near brush that could conceal a mugger. If you don’t feel confident about your ability to fend off an attack, you’re better off exploring the Bosque with friends.