Astialakwa and Patokwa in the Jemez Mountains

Astialakwa, Jemez Mountians
On the way to Astialakwa


Astialakwa "(Grinding Stone Lowering Place") was occupied for less than a year over the period 1693–1696, as a refugee settlement during the Pueblo Revolt and early Reconquest. The people of the area retreated to this mesa top in order to avoid Spanish attacks, but the Spanish successfully stormed the village and forced the local people into permanent submission. 


Patokwa ("Turquoise Moiety Place") or was first occupied about 1200–1350 and again during historical times (1600s and early 1700s). The ruins of the small mission church of San Diego del Monte, which gave the village its Spanish Colonial name, can be seen in the northwest part of the site. 


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Astialakwa, Jemez Mountians
Masonry architecture at Astialakwa